DIODOROS I -- Patriarch of Jerusalem

Our Most Holy Church of Jerusalem:

1. Accepts and preserves all the decisions and definitions of the Holy local and Ecumenical Synods, which our Holy Orthodox Church and her Sacred Tradition and practice dictate.

2. To remove all misunderstanding, recognizes all the prerogatives and rights of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and of the other Ancient Patriarchates, which the Holy Ecumenical Synods have bestowed upon them, and also that which the practice of our Holy Orthodox Church has lavished on them by way of privileges, and is opposed to any attempt at creating a new order in the Church.

3. Believes that, because our Most Holy Orthodox Church in general is the secure treasury of the Truth, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, for this reason the Theological Dialogue with the heterodox is turning out to her loss, to the extent that in the attempt to discover points that we can accept in common with them, the Orthodox Church places in doubt the truth that She possesses. For this reason, She:

4. Abides by Her decisions made in Sessions 65 (May 9/22, 1989) and 88 (February 23/March 7, 1992) of our Holy and Sacred Synod concerning the suspension of the Theological Dialogues with the heterodox in general, namely with the Roman Catholics, the Anglicans, the Anti-Chalcedonians, the Old Catholics, and the Reformed Churches.

5. Condemns forthrightly the proselytizing activities of the Vatican, as stirring up and strengthening its recent proselytizing and assaults on the Orthodox faithful in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and denounces internationally its anti-Christian activity and behavior.

6. Abides steadfastly by her abstention from the theological Sessions of the World Council of Churches.

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