Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are now entering the month of August and following the tradition of our Orthodox Church, the month of August is dedicated to the Mother of God. On the 15th of August we commemorate our Holy Mother's blessed repose and entry into Heaven to be with her Son and our God, Jesus Christ. Therefore, over the14 days leading up to this great feast in our Orthodox Church, we chant a service which is called "paraklesis" or a supplicatory canon to the Mother of God. It is also prayed in times of need, illness, distress and tribulation, asking our sweetest Mother Mary The Theotokos to pray for us and give us strength. 
We ask all of you to come and join us in praying the supplicatory canon to our Mother Mary over the next couple of weeks, asking that She give Her Heavenly Blessings and Her Protection to us and the whole world. 

In Christ,



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