The Church cannot be divided.

Contemporary ecumenism is built on supposition, on a human supposition, that the Church is not one, but many. The Church cannot be divided. From the Church it is possible only to fall away. In truth, the Church is an organism of the God-man, His Body, His Personality, and thus the Church is One, in all worlds. Contemporary ecumenism offers false christ, false messiahs and false prophets. Contemporary ecumenism is clearly secular, communistic and papal, because these share with ecumenism a high regard for the "social", temporal and worldly. For contemporary ecumenism the God-man does not occupy the center, from where we must look first of all for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. True unity is not possible through "dialogue", but only by repentance before the God-man and His Body, the Church. Without the God-man Christ, the so-called churches are the abode of Satan (Rev.B:9)

(Father Justin Popovich:The Hidden Conscience Of Orthodoxy: An Interview With Father Peter Milosevich).

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