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Australia is preparing for a postal vote on the redefinition of marriage.
Dear Friends,
As you may be aware from 12 September, Australians will start to receive their ballot papers for the marriage postal vote. All of us will be given the opportunity to vote on the way our nation defines marriage, family and gender.

Every vote will count in this postal vote. Do I need to enrol?
Make sure you and your loved ones (especially elderly) are on the electoral roll.
  • If you voted at the last election and you still live at the same address, you will automatically be enrolled to vote.
  • If your details are out of date (e.g. address or name has changed) or you aren’t on the roll and are at least 16, you have until 6pm on Thursday August 24 to enrol at www.aec.gov.au/.
Please pray that our Lord, through the intercessions of His Mother, enlightens everyone to vote in the best interests of this great country. Every time we call on the Mother of God to help us in times of danger she comes to our aid.
To keep up to date with developments on the postal vote please visit our website and Facebook Like Button like us on our Facebook page.
Prayerfully Yours,
Speak Up for Marriage Group
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